Ways On Getting High Quality Backlinks

Getting high quality links to your website is a difficult process, but it is also one of the most important processes you can engage in.

If you can develop a large number of incoming, high quality links to your website, you will not only have lots of ways for people to reach your website directly, but the search engines, which have around sixty percent of all online traffic, will rank your site more favorably, meaning a big
increase in the number of your visitors.

Reciprocal Linking

Reciprocal linking is simply linking that is reciprocated!
By this I mean that you link to someone else's website on
the promise they will link back to you. It's important to
make sure the websites are relevant to each other, as the
search engines place little value on reciprocated links from
unrelated sites. The best is to gather links from other websites which is relevant to your topic.

Posting In Forums

Posting comments to forums is a good way of building link
popularity to your website. Your comments should be high
quality and worth reading, and the forum should be on a
topic relevant to your website. If these criteria are all
satisfied, then a link in your signature line will be well
regarded, and a useful link to have.

Commenting on Other Blogs

Blog commenting is another good methods, although laborious,
of getting quality one way links to your site. Again, make
sure the blog is on a relevant topic, not just somebody's
random personal blog! Also make sure your comment is worth
reading - blog owners can easily delete or disallow your
comment if they feel it is spam.

Article Writing

Article writing is a staple in the world of link building,
and for good reason. It is one of the best methods for not
only building high quality one way links, but also for
establishing yourself as an authority on the subject. If
your article is of high quality, those reading it are more
likely to want to see your site, so don't just think about
search engine rankings.

Article writing also helps build your reputation, as well as
high quality links. If readers of the article see that you
know what you are talking about and offer high quality
information, they will continue to read and will want to
read more of your material, presumably from the site you are

Three Way Link Building

Three way linking is a complicated way of reciprocal linking
in reality. It works by having you link to someone, they
link to someone else, and that third person, or website
rather, links back to you.

3 way linking is still suboptimal however, in that the links
are generally from unrelated websites. This means the
benefit they convey to your own site in the eyes of the
search engines is seriously less that it would be if they
were more relevant to the theme of your site.

Building Your Own Sites

One method you can use, although I wouldn't recommend it, is
to simply build sites to get links from. If you build a
high quality site, then each link is of good value, but
obviously this will take some time. If you build low
quality sites full of links, the search engines will take
little notice of them.

As a method of gaining link popularity however, building
high quality sites is obviously far too labor intensive to
ever work well.It takes time and patience.


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