Somebody pointed out to me two interesting keywords. What's
interesting about it is that these keywords are where the
word "Google" was taken from. That is the word "Googol" and
its twin brother is the word "Googel"

The importance of keywords to bloggers and webmasters is
that optimizing a keyword will bring them more traffic. The
more traffic you have the more money will flow to you. It
does not matter what kind of commercial activities a blogger
or webmaster is involved whether it is pay per click, pay
per impression pay per visit, pay per whatsoever or selling
affiliate products. What is important is the traffic.
Internet marketing or internet business is simple. More
traffic equals more money.

A blogger or a webmaster must make sure that he gets tons of
traffic especially tthose coming from the search engines
such as Google, Yahoo and MSN the three being considered as
the world's biggest search engines. This helps you make more
money online

When a computer user goes to google and types a word, you
have to ensure that you are in the first 3 pages or if
possible in the first top 10 in the search engine's first
page. If you are in the 100th page, then most likely people
from the search engine will not visit your site.

It is therfore reasonable to conclude that you must ensure
that your blog or website gets a high volume of traffic. To
ensure thisyou must compete for the proper keywords.

Choosing a keyword is not easy. Some keywords have a lot of
competition. You can know this by typing a keyword and
looking at the upper right hand portion of the website. For
example typing for the phrase "making money online" has more
than 18 million results. Hence the chances if you making it
to the top ten in google are really slim.

It is not enough that you ensure that the keywords you
choose does not have a lot of competition. You must make
sure that such keywords have a high search volume. This
means they are being searched by several number of people.
This is to make sure that all your hard work for optimizing
a keyword will truly count. You can achieve this by going to
google trends and typing the keyword. If after typing the
keyword it produces a graph, then said keyword is one with a
high search volume.

Most bloggers say you have to search for "high-trend but
low-dense keyword."

Now we go to the main topic. One high-trend but low-dense
keyword that bloggers must take advantage of is the word
"Googel." Since 2004 this keyword has been searched for a
lot. The graph in google trends is telling us that this is
a high-trend keyword. Not only but it also a high trend it is also a
low dense key word since as of the time of this writing only
860,000 blogs or websites has mentioned it. This means that
to compete for this keyword would not be so difficult.

On the other hand, Googel's twin, "Googol" may not have a
very impressive graph in google trend. But the the fact that
it made it in google trends shows that it is a high-trend
keyword. What's good about it though is that it's density is
lower by half than that of Googel. As of the time of this
writing only 468,000 blogs and websites has been mentioning

So do whatever you have to do to take advantage of the
keywords Googel and Googol to bring more traffic to your
blog or website right now !


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