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The Internet houses billions of websites. And more and more, literally hundreds, are being added day after day. So if you have created your own unique website for the purpose of business, and are expecting a stream of visitors to it, it is not easy. How will they make their way to this particular website and realize that it is something special and different from others? Think about it.

Welcome to the world of URL search engines! Simply put, a URL search engine is a simple program that trawls or crawls the web to look for keywords and classifies web pages on the basis of those keywords. This enables us to neatly categorize the worldwide web and to find relevant information when we need it. The search engine also has a front-end that we use to type in the query. When this query is run, it in effect searches through billions of URLs to identify and present those URLs which have the highest n incidence of the search string.

But how do you submit your URL to search engines in the first place. With some URL search engines, it is as easy as going to the website and putting in your website URL for inclusion. For instance the URL search engine Google feeds over 80 search engines, including the
ikes of AOL. So, visiting their website to ask for a free listing will ensue that if your URL is selected for inclusion, at least 80 search engines will reflect your URL in their search results. Inktomi is another URL search engine that feeds over 125 search engines including Yahoo, HotBot, MSN and several others. But Inktomi has no free submissions available. It only features paid search strings and submitting your URL here may not be worth the while.

Remember that merely submitting your website is not sufficient to get your website at the top of the search listings. Your URL needs to be indexed in these search engines. And indexing in mot URL search engine may take upwards of a month (and in some cases, up to 8 weeks) for
your URL to become popular enough for inclusion. But if you are in some sort of a hurry to increase the number of visitors to your website, you might choose to go for the pay per click option.

The pay-per-click becomes very useful if your aim is to generate as much of traffic as possible to your website, rather than conducting any type of transaction. In this case, your website comes up on the results page, should a visitor type in those keywords related to your URL. Each time he/she clicks on your website, you as the owner, will be charged. The amount that you shell out will be determined by how high your ranking is or want it to be and how common are the keywords that are typed in, leading to your website.

But I don't really use Pay per click. I use mostly SEO cause it give lasting traffic without money exposure to buy ads.

With other URL search engines, it is a little more complicated. You need to decide whether it is worth paying for the privilege of having your website listed there to substantiate the traffic that may result from your URL being present in the search results. At the end of the day, unless you can get visitors to your site, there is no point in having the site at all. And any expense you may incur as a result of trying to get your website featured on URL search engines, can very well be classified as a genuine marketing and publicity expense!


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