Tips for Video Search Optimization

We all have seen the research that has been pouring out all over the web with regard to the growing popularity of online video content. Web users are consuming online video content at a rate greater than previous years and still growing.. And, viewers all over are learning to produce & share online video content. Video can often be a more effective means for a producer to get a message across than typical offline or online content in any geographical location using the internet. Using the video content to promote products or share info was a strategical advantage-this is called Video SEO or video search engine optimization.

1) In order to have your video more easily discovered, one
very popular mwethod was to submit a text along
with your video for users and for the search engines to
understand and index your video more easily. Use a keyword
rich title for the transcript and be sure to include an
introduction or summary that describes the video content in
text .

2) Just as with normal techniques for SEO, it is just as important that you develop links to your video for off-page search engine optimization. Try to get as many quality links to your video as possible. Perhaps submit to social bookmarking sites and friend's blogs. Don't forget to encode the keywords you are targeting
into your video. Try to use the word "video" as much as
possible, make sure the word "video" is used in your title,
description, meta data etc.

3) Don't forget to encode the keywords you are targeting into your video. Try to use the word "video" as much as possible, make sure the word "video" is used in your title, description, meta data etc. .

4) It is advisable to create a separate sitemap just for
your videos in your site and try to keep your video files in
one directory this would help the web crawlers to locate
your video files speedily and effortlessly.

5) It is very difficult for the web crawlers of any search
engine to crawl into the video contents inside flash players
so they usually prefer to stay away from such files. It is
therefore advisable not to use such kind of file formats
which discourages the web crawlers.

6) Keep a keyword friendly URL structure that uses a few of
your main keywords in the url string.

7) More than anything, I have learned that the thumbnail
that you choose for your video is one of the most important
factors in terms of the number of people that choose to view
your video. With that in mind, try to experiment with
various thumbnails until you have a good idea which images
attract the most views from the audience that you are

8) Try to keep one video per page and put all video pages
into the same directory or folder.

9) Keyword research, as with search engine optimization for
other online content, is crucial for targeting the audience
you desire most effectively. Use keyword research tools
available in order to identify those words that most often
are searched for when searching for related content online.

10) Allow users to submit comments and feedback on your
videos. Studies show that viewers who offer feedback are
those most likely to convert and take the desired action
that you are trying to solicit, whether it be an email,
website visit, or purchase.


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