Basic on Making Money Online

Find a good blog hosting programs like
wordpress,blogger,etc. There are many excellent blog sites
where the training is easy to set up. You can have your blog
up and running in a matter of minutes.

Now pick a topic you are familiar with or are an expert.
Let's use Golf as an example. put topics,tips,and news
related to golfing on your blog. Keep it fresh add new
material often to keep your bloggers coming back.

Put adsense ads on the blog. Very easy to do and it is a
nice extra source of income. It's free to use and many
people have found great success with adsense ads. Google
fits them to your blog. I think this is so cool! They will
put golf ads on your site more than likely.

Affliate ads are another income earner possibility for your
blog. I really like the commission junction program. It's
completely free and there are 1000's of banner ads, links,
and text ads from merchants. There are several for golf
alone. So you would put golfing affiliate ads on your blog.

Remember: There are lots of money making opportunities in the web.


Make Money By Selling Ads
Targeted Blog Advertising

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