Professional Blogging

Professional blogging is a new field which offers a lot of
possibilities for entrepreneurs who have vision,
determination and a solid handle on the latest technologies.
There are as yet relatively few professional bloggers, with
an even smaller number of people who are able to make a
living from the proceeds of their blog. There is however an
increasing number of people who are looking to monetize
their blogs as a way to supplement their income. While it is
hard to predict if this trend will continue over the long
term, professional bloggers are growing more numerous.

It is still difficult to predict what the future may hold
for professional blogging, but their ranks are growing. Many
bloggers are energized by the idea of making their blog into
a viable revenue source. Since many of these people devote
as much as an hour a day working on their blogs, the number
of those who would like to receive some sort of compensation
for their blogging is very large. There are already some
methods which are employed to make blogs profitable, chiefly
the sale of advertising space on the blog, either to a
company which is attempting to target the demographic
reflected by the blog's readership or through the very
popular Google AdSense program. However, there are only a
very small number of bloggers who are able to use their blog
as their sole source of income.

One interesting fact about the audience for blogs is that it
is largely composed of people who are also bloggers. People
who blog themselves, after all are more likely than the
general public to take an interest in how others are using
the platform which blogging provides. This is why some of
the most popular (and financially successful) blogs are
those whose topic is the blogosphere itself.

It is certain that as the technologies used in blogging
progress and the numbers of bloggers increase that
professional blogging is going to become far more complex
than it is today. Currently the bloggers who are seeing the
greatest measure of financial success are those who address
blogging and bloggers directly, especially those who offer
advice to newcomers. However, as the demographics of
bloggers and their audience shifts, blogs (especially
professional blogs) will have to change as well to keep

It is nearly impossible to predict exactly what the future
holds for professional blogging - the blogosphere is in
constant flux, which is one of the things which makes it so


Tom - Entrepreneur Interview said...

I think that most professional bloggers are not making their money from ad sales or even affiliate links. The major bloggers are creating their own problems and leveraging their traffic to make sales.

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