Measuring Your Blogs Link Qualities

How good is a link? Search Engine Optimizers and bloggers have now measure it page qualities using Most SEOs and Bloggers will agree that they would rather spend the same time attracting a few high quality links rather than large numbers of low quality links. Having your links on other blog will give you more quality visitors that eventually become your subscribers.

We can measure it by using this websites..

Google PageRank - Measures the likelihood that somebody will find a specific web page by hopping from page to page and only clicking on links. That definition is certainly inaccurate, but I think it captures the spirit of PageRank, so it will suffice as an informal descriptor.

Yahoo! Site Explorer Page Links - How many pages link to the page that links to yours? You can also measure things link links to the entire domain and how deep a page is within its web site.

Alexa, Quantcast and Compete are three web sites that try to rank every web site from most visited to least visited. Supposedly, a link from a web site on the top of their lists will be more valuable than a link from web sites low on their lists. None of these services is wholly accurate and you should take their exact results with skepticism. That said, if all three trend a web site highly or as growing in popularity then it is probably true.

Links or citations in sites like or Digg or Technorati can indicate popularity.

Domain Age - Search engines tend to like age factors because they cannot be faked.
Does a web site have links from government or university or other types of web sites that search engines generally trust highly?

Remember: More Quality link give your website/blogs , good ranking and more visitors from popular websites.


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